Les traductions - Translations

Thanks to the combination of the language skills and proficiency of Albireo Publishing team,
the published books will also be available in English.



Language should not be a barrier to the flow of Information!

In these times where access to genuine information is more and more limited and fragmented, Albiréo Éditions provides the translation of its publications, thus supporting the distribution of authors and seekers all driven by the thirst for Knowledge.

The approach of Albiréo Éditions and its partners-translators then consists in making the personal experiences and researches of these authors-seekers available to the greatest number, in order to keep on spreading and sharing Information.

Thanks to the combination of language skills, energy and sensibility of each one, this large-scale work led by a team of passionate translators expands access to authentic writings. This offers readers the opportunity to be taught by their own life experiences, by taking an increasingly conscious look at them.

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